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Your values, aspirations, and tastes can be revealed through the things you display in their homes and the ways they decorate and furnish them. People’s mental and physical well-being can also be influenced by their surroundings. In light of these reasons, many people spend a lot of time and effort decorating their homes. Here are some tips that can effectively transform your living space.

Colors and Furniture Arrangement

Colors and furniture arrangement can be manipulated and this is a chance to show off one’s decorating skills. Success in this endeavor can be aided by an understanding of current trends, but it also required an inherent sense of aesthetics and some add on in one’s house.

Few Add On For A Little Spice

Making choices about home decor is something that many people do from an early age as a way of expressing their individuality. Since the nineteenth century, it has become common practice for children and elders to fill their rooms with personal belongings such as frames, fancy furniture, memorabilia, toys, and other trinkets. This is new popular trend of this decade. People prefer to add little objects that exaggerate the look of any space to make it look more flattering.

Wall Clocks

One can never go wrong with a few well-known pieces of home decor. Decorating your home with clocks is another popular interior design trend. You can add elegance, class, and appeal to any room in your home with a simple clock. You can hang a variety of clocks as home decor on your walls to instantly transform your space’s appearance.

Functionally, they can be used to check the time from anywhere in the room, making it simple to glance up and see the time. However, don’t be fooled by the practicality of wall clocks. The time has passed when a wall clock’s sole purpose was to display the date and time. Your walls will look great with a wall clock as an accent! Personalize the space by hanging one on the wall or the side. It can also be used to cover a seating area to add flair. In order to add visual interest to your room, you can also use wall clocks that are completely different from the colour of your wall.

Style the Coffee Table

It’s easy to give your living room a polished look by using items you already own or buy easily at any online store to decorate your coffee table: Toss a few books on the shelf, put a candle or vase on display, or arrange the necessities in a tray. You can add a personal touch to your living room with a coffee table that has character.

Frame a Gallery Wall

Pull out some of your favourite pieces of wall art from living room designs and stash them away in storage to create a gallery wall above your sofa. The addition of more artwork can breathe new life into rooms that are otherwise lifeless or uninspiring. Instead of painting each frame a different colour, try this mix-and-match look with lots of texture and dimension.

Decorate Your Bookshelves

Bookshelves can be tricky because they can end up serving as a catch-all for random items that don’t have a proper home elsewhere in the house, or they can become overrun with books and appear cluttered. In either case, you might want to start over by removing everything from your shelves. Balance the bookshelves with a few simple book stacks decorated with a few decorative items placed on top. Make a row at the bottom of the shelf, or create floor stacks that can be placed on either side of the sofa or in empty corners of the room, if you have a lot of books left over.

Style a Curtain Wall

For a clean vibe with plenty of personality, hang curtain walls: This easy DIY setup brings an abundance of texture with a minimalist touch. If you have sheer curtains hanging around, display them across the entire length of your wall (even over the windows) to let the natural light filter in with an airy feeling. On the other hand, if colorful curtains are taking up space in your linen closet, use them over a blank wall for a quick style trick. Extra top sheets can also work in rooms with smaller walls.

Layer Rugs

Have you grown tired of your rug? Try out this easy-to-understand design trick: Mix and match different pieces to create a new design. For those who have an old rug stashed away, simply clean it and place it under your current rug for extra padding. Using patterns as a “trim” around other styles can give your outfits a fresh look while also adding depth and visual interest. Similar to this, a smaller rug on top of your current design can add new colours to the room.

Place Plants in Baskets

Finally, a use for those extra baskets that get take up space: Place potted plants inside woven containers. Not only does it add a fresh new look to your favorite greenery, but it brings texture and patterns to your living room decor (and encourages you to empty out the old clutter). Be sure to check for drainage holes on your plant’s pot before adding it into a basket to protect woven materials from excess water.


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